Call for Participation (EN)

Submit something enterprise storage related and contribute!


The conference has a strong focus on community and communitybuilding. In 2020 Storage-Forum will take place as an online/virtualconference only. The platform will be available for participants forat least six months. Live days with keynotes, talks, workshops,trainings and tutorials are planned from October 13  until October15, 2020.

Opposite to offline events, there won’t be a fixed schedule withdistinct start/end times. We will agree with speakers on theirpreferences. Participants will create their own agenda, independent oftime and location. All sessions will be recorded, as far as speakerswill give approval.

Topics, Content, Focus

Main focus for the event will be on new and modern enterprise storagetechnologies. For data://disrupted the program committee therefore isparticularly interested in submissions from thefollowing areas:

  • Distributed Filesystems
  • Modern Flash Technologies
  • Cloud Storage and Cloud Backup
  • Storage Class Memory
  • Persistent Memory
  • Computational Storage
  • Storage Networks
  • Storage Security

The program committee will consider each technical oriented submissionrelated to enterprise storage, be it case studies, field reports, bestpractices, introduction of new technology, reports on current development and How To’s.
Main conference language is German, program committee will consider English submissions as well.
A single talk should fit into a 30 to 40 minutes time frame, includinga Q&A part at the end of the talk. Contact us, if you need more timefor your talk.

Recordings and Sharing

Speakers have to agree on recording and sharing the recordings beforehand. We will share recordings publicly via the Storage-Forum Youtubechannel. Presentations will be publicly shared via the Storage-Forum SlideShare account. Speakers can use recordings for their own use.

A program committee will accept submissions to the conference.

Title and abstract of the talk, as well as name and a short bio of thespeaker will be presented on the conference web site and in collateralregarding conference advertising. Accepted speakers will get freeentrance to all areas and entire content of the online event.

    Please send us a nice picture of you for the speaker's bio on